Enterprise Mobile Application Development and Consulting

Transform your strategy with mobile lifestyle, to unlock the power of technology. At TipEnter Technologies, we empower client businesses with putting mobility in action. Our enterprise mobility innovations meet future goals by developing powerful mobile apps and accelerating performance on every mobile platform.
Enterprise mobile application development

Ability and agility of our mobile app development entails;

          • Accomplishment of business goals with increased mobile engagement
          • Beautiful and dynamic UI/UX designs that work directly across the web and mobile devices
          • Comprehensive technological solutions to quickly address and solve issues
          • Deriving all enterprise data and accessing databases in mobile
          • Ease of deploying custom mobile apps in every popular mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Web)

TipEnter promises to design, develop and deploy enterprise apps resourcefully. Embedding all latest technologies is our specialty. All our Enterprise Mobile Application Development are delivering superiority through most demanding mobile marketplaces.

With innovation at the heart of our business, we delivered 1200+ IT solutions to our clients associated to iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Android Mobile Applications, including 700+ Web & Cloud based solutions using various technologies.

Turning Apps,Games & Web into a Phenomenon

Project Management by Commitments

The biggest problem today is not creating visions, nor developing plans. The real problem is a failure to execute. Balls get dropped, deadlines are missed, deliveries are half-done, priorities constantly change, projects overrun budgets, and initiatives don’t get accomplished. To avoid this problem, we simply follow the commitment based management by completely owning the project risk from our end.

Confidentiality and IP protection

We see this as the critical element for maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. We are committed to protecting customer IP throughout the project cycle and for at least 2 years from the date of delivery. Key areas of IP protection and confidentiality policy includes: 1. Non disclosure agreements with customer and Employees. 2. Confidential document control 3. Development center is fully protected externally and internally with secure and restricted access to all sensitive resources 4. Security staff monitors the facility around the clock and checks the goods going inside and coming out of the development center.

Expert Mobile apps and Game Developers

The developers at TipEnter are dynamic and vibrant in the cutting edge technology of mobile environment for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Our strong recruitment policies and employee friendly environment provide a better platform for the employees to work dedicatedly on quality output and streamline with the latest technologies.

Design driven Approach

Design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value, meaning, illuminate, simplify, and perhaps even to amuse. Our design driven approach and creativity along with task flow, interactive design and information architecture create an environment that fulfil the customer and user experience across all digital interfaces.

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Everything looks very clean and polished from beginning to end. We are thrilled with everything that’s been done

Kudos to your team for the work done to date.

Brownlee O. Currey

We have been very satisfied with the team. They are very professional and they proved their success being responsive in cross boarder communication and delivered the high quality work.

We appreciate for exceptionally positive experience. Job Well Done… Hats Off !!!

Rob Braley

The dev team was reliable and responsive. The Design been achieved considering each category which boosted the marketing. Starting from Sales team to Release Manager all are very professional and shown their professionalism on commitment. All ready started working on another shot… I will refer to trust this team on their commitment.

Nikki Wallis